Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Outside Looking In

It had been a long hot morning.
I hitched a ride down the mountain
and got dropped off in a safe place to wait 5 hours for my next ride.

I had accomplished my mission. Now it was time to rest. It started to rain. I got under the tarp with my belongings. I had almonds left over and plenty of water. I was comfortable, strangely. I made a friend, Rama. We talked while I made a picture in the rocky ground. I emerged from the tarp when he drove up.
I sure did feel homeless, smelly and dirty.

I thought how I might be perceived. I know I am Gods child.
I know that the stars are a most beautiful ceiling...
that my body is my bed and the Earth my home.... Still I don't understand why...

The gathering was about to begin only a few 100 yards away from my tarp.
There would be finery and music and beautiful people dressed in pure white.
I was invited. I considered hosing off and putting on my last bit of clean clothing.
There was no draw, nothing inspiring me to show up... I don't know why.

"You are a princess," I reminded myself.
"You are sacred and beautiful, remember?"
We all are... still I don't know why, I choose cobwebs and crickets... soil over gold.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seek and ye shall find...

I seek to know you with an open Heart.
Within the colors and shapes, amid the scents and songs,
Infinity rests... waiting for it's Loves to realize It, to return to It.
The bringers of Light, the seekers of Truth,
sing if you are called to sing,
dance if the Spirit moves you,
feel the breeze of summers approach woo you
into stillness, into solitude, into peace.
Each one of us a portal to Infinity, longs to feel the truth of It within
our divine human bodies.
The vibrations sometimes clash, causing chaos.
My density is sometimes resistant to the vibrant movement of pure Love.
So try again I encourage myself, like a parent watching the first tentative steps of
a young child. With a big smile and arms outstretched, the One knows it is Love that
burst out from its center and draws back into itself,
a sacred dance of the cosmos punctuated by stillness, emptiness and silence.

Love knows no condition. It is the condition.
So then we can realize Peace and Be love.

When the density of humanity marries with affinity and births
the felt experience of Infinity,
we have Won.

Living in two worlds can be a challenge until we realize one
is superimposed upon the other.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Key- May *16*

A time will come when we will be tested.

Guru Arjan, he realized God Himself in the process even in the final torment, in the mixtures, in the paths, in the people and in the pain.

The greater wisdom implores us, not to react from the limited personalized ego mind.

Instead, we summon the reality of Infinity which soars like an Eagle
above chaos and confusion.

The pain of birth can be wicked but necessary to receive what is new and vital.

Why would we focus upon a thorn in our side when we have been divinely appointed to deliver the Dharma?

Our community is standing at the portal lock.
We hold the Key.
Would we use it to etch out our rats view of justice or to unlock Divinity for all of Humanity?

Use the Key wisely.

December 20, 2009

I sit in the cold, crisp December breeze.
From my minds eye spring 1000 faces revealing themselves
Teachers, priests, children, feathered and furry friends,
on and on they visit, rising up into my consciousness
then plunging into my being.

I listen.. I hear an OM.
It's calling me home.
I, one of a trillion scattered pieces belonging to the Unified One.

Today, I am the voice, tonight the eyes and later the feet will walk me to a place where those dressed in white will move in a strange yet comforting purposefulness.
Indeed, participation now is with an unsolicited ease, being drawn in with the Current. Why, even the crow is impressed.

I sit here this morning reflecting on the great Love that expresses itself through one devoted soul.

And I feel this world can heal...
because Love knows no limits.