Friday, April 9, 2010

Keep Up!

I can climb the mountain.
I can fly in perfect peace.

How did you know my greatest challenge
lies within?

You gave me my name...
then met me on the other side.
I was surprised to see you...

but I did see you.

You gave me the promise of liberation.
How perfect, for this soul so generationally bound.

I look at you...I see your strength.
When I am still, I feel your Love.

You never left.
This I know.

The Sacred Tree

How does he stand? I did ask.
*Tall and Strong*

How does he care?
*Arms outstretched... far reaching*

How does he speak?
*With authority and Truth*

How does he love?
*From the depths of his soul*

How do we respond?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sacred Expressions and Duality

It's only duality if 1+1=2

Consider 1+1=1

(expanded, enriched, and enlightened)




Different operations to manipulate numbers and outcomes and events.

Those who say that there is only One and that there should be no duality
are simply in denial of a most important operation,
this Earth Life Operation.

It can be translated and solved yielding varying sums,
products and quotients, on and on , respectively,
ultimately and intimately
returning to

When we hold a flexible circle and twist it,
a figure eight is revealed... Infinity , if you will.
The nature of the design is that it touches itself.
Two points on the once circle merge to make one point,
a calculable point in an otherwise infinite cycle.
This is our Earth Life Experience where the gift of duality
can be perceived and felt.

Mind you... by simply ' letting go' of the figure 8,
releasing the twist and the merged point thereof,
we return to what always has been
and what always will be...
now with perceptual knowledge of
its' infinite expressions
in the

If we truly 'see' and 'feel', the One is revealed in everything.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What kind of a fool am I?
I am a fool that dances on the edge of Infinity
and then falls in wholeheartedly.