Sunday, May 16, 2010

December 20, 2009

I sit in the cold, crisp December breeze.
From my minds eye spring 1000 faces revealing themselves
Teachers, priests, children, feathered and furry friends,
on and on they visit, rising up into my consciousness
then plunging into my being.

I listen.. I hear an OM.
It's calling me home.
I, one of a trillion scattered pieces belonging to the Unified One.

Today, I am the voice, tonight the eyes and later the feet will walk me to a place where those dressed in white will move in a strange yet comforting purposefulness.
Indeed, participation now is with an unsolicited ease, being drawn in with the Current. Why, even the crow is impressed.

I sit here this morning reflecting on the great Love that expresses itself through one devoted soul.

And I feel this world can heal...
because Love knows no limits.