Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Key- May *16*

A time will come when we will be tested.

Guru Arjan, he realized God Himself in the process even in the final torment, in the mixtures, in the paths, in the people and in the pain.

The greater wisdom implores us, not to react from the limited personalized ego mind.

Instead, we summon the reality of Infinity which soars like an Eagle
above chaos and confusion.

The pain of birth can be wicked but necessary to receive what is new and vital.

Why would we focus upon a thorn in our side when we have been divinely appointed to deliver the Dharma?

Our community is standing at the portal lock.
We hold the Key.
Would we use it to etch out our rats view of justice or to unlock Divinity for all of Humanity?

Use the Key wisely.